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Venting and Advice's Journal
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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
3:52 pm
the last nerve!!!
i'm usually an open minded and easy person...usually.. lately, the kids have been hanging on the last nerve that i have.. ya know the nerve that is dangling there screeming because it has just one tatered stand fixing to be torn and break..and you can see your self sitting in this padded room in one of those jackets that have your arms strapped to ya so tight that you can't scratch your own ass!! ya that nerve....
just once i wish the kids did not run over me,treat me like dirt on the bottom of there shoe, most of the time they want things done for them..right then..no patients for anything..what they want when they want it is the way they think it should be... i feel like they are the parent and i'm the kid the way they talk to me.. i have 3 teenagers.. 2 girls, 13 & 14 one step-son 16. they ALL give me crap,they either want stuff done right then,give ultimatums if they don't get the answer they want or i don't move fast enough for them, i'm lazy,stupid,fat, the list goes on and on.. what did i do to deserve all this wonderfull stuff??????? my youngest wasn't going to school and bad behavior,that she went to wave crest for a few days..(place for children)they don't mess around... they have rules and consequences and it makes them wake up and see just how easiey they really have it at home!! i think thats were all 3 need to go!! at least my youngest went on her own there realizing she has a problem and wants help...the other 2....?????
one says....i'm never home.....thats right she's never home but when she does come home she barks orders,get off the phone i want to get online...stuff like that..she calls the younger one a stupid whore.... (kinda hard to be a whore when your still a virgin....(yes checked with her drs last visit.....) they fight like cats and dogs.... jerry springer would be scarred!!!! the son........well thats a whole new story....not a very good example..thats for sure..
well, i feel alittle better venting!!!

Current Mood: grrrrr
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